Beyond Violet – Live @ the Cave, Amsterdam

Dit is een oude review, maar het is mooie filler en nog steeds up-to-date 😉

Overall score: 8/10
Best song: Frozen Words

Yesterday I went to Amsterdams only metal bar ‘The Cave’ to see Beyond Violet play. I’ve seen this band a few times allready, but never wrote a review (sorry guys!) Yesterday their manager asked me to do a review of their live performance, so here it is!

Beyond Violet is a dutch (except for their bass player) Gothic Metal act, founded by John Edwards in 2008.
In 2009 they made their debut playing with one of Hollands best Gothic Metal acts, Autumn. Since then, they’ve had a few changes in line-up, gotten better at song writing, and played live at one of the larger stages in the Netherlands (P60, Amstelveen) with industrial act ‘BlutEngel’. They just released a new demo, and are ready to take over now!

First off, I have to express my compliments to the band. The Cave is a really bad-organized venue to play at. Their sound-tech didn’t even show up! Luckily, someone in the crowd also happened to be a sound-tech, so no worries for the band. But, playing over out-dated/broken equipment doesn’t really help your performance. But, taken that into account, they had a great sound all night long! Of course, a few mistakes were made, but that’s what happens when you play new material right!

The band has a really good energy on stage, even on a small stage they’re jumping and headbanging all night long. You can clearly see the band enjoys being on stage an entertain the crowd. Their live performance had way more energy than their demo, so all songs I allready knew from the demo were even better live

Beyond Violet played a varied setlist, with energetic songs, balads, and almost commercial pop songs like Beyond the Fire. Though for me I like the new material better than some of the older songs, they contributed to the setlist in ways of balancing the energy in the songs.

The best song of the evening was a hard choice, since I had to choose between Frozen Words or Deep Defence, both equally great. But, me and the crowd eventually chose Frozen Words as song of the evening (to play as encore, yeah!) The second time was even better than the first.

All in all, it was a great performance and I’d love to see them live again!

Line Up:
John – Guitar
Merlijn – Drums
Ilona – Keys
Chiara – Bass
Roxane – Vocals

Setlist for the gig:
1. Cyber Cherry
2. Frozen Words
3. Beyond the Fire
4. Delirious
5. Confide in me
6. A broken heart
7. Deep Defence
8. Bright Star
9. Cupid


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