Layered Reality (promotie)
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What is Layered Reality Productions?
Layered Reality Productions is a musical collective focused on promoting progressive, symphonic and alternative rock & metal worldwide. LRP has one goal: creating a family of bands/artists that all share the same passion for music that breaks genre boundaries. LRP prides itself in hosting Death/Doom-inspired bands such as Dimaeon and Insolitvs but also has room for more melodic acts such as Paradox Machine and Mind:Soul.

LRP was founded by Tom de Wit (Member of TDW & Mind:Soul) in the autumn of 2010. The plans were simple: Tom wanted to independently release his latest record (The TDW record Scrapbook) into the world through the internet. He worked on setting up a webstore through which worldwide orders could be placed. As soon as this took shape, more bands started to gain interest in his ideas. This had to do with the DIY ethic that LRP radiated. So the plans for “just having a online store” soon grew into something bigger.

LRP is a “do-it-yourself-production-collective” in which bands/artists work together to help themselves (and each other) forward in the musical landscape of today. It is a non-profit collective, which is different from traditional labels and production companies. This is based on the idea that the bands/artists who are a part of LRP have all the creative freedom they need, while using the LRP channels and connections to bring their music to the world. All of the bands/artists involved make their own creative and financial decisions, keeping control of their work.


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