Vortex of Khaos


While some students complain about the tremendous workload they are encountered with at Stenden University, others cannot wait to use their acquired knowledge to prove themselves in the professional field. Christine from Germany has dared to take the step of creating her own start-up business, combining her passion for music with her studies.
(…) The aim of Vortex of Khaoƨ is to establish its future position within the market as an authentic and reliable management agency specialised in the genre of metal. She can provide her customers an established network of promoters across Europe, especially in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Christine was always part of the music scene: as she grew up as child of a rock musician, visited a musical school for six years and gathered years of experience in stage performance as a professional singer, the answer to the question why she started up Vortex of Khaoƨ therefore is rather obvious: “I was always deeply interested in music and after being part of the metal scene for several years, I recognised that especially within this specific genre an overall service which I am providing gets barely offered. So I first started with the booking of two metal bands in 2010 (Lugubre & Sadotank) which then naturally evolved in something greater. In November 2011, I made my vision public and founded Vortex of Khaoƨ. Since then, it is like an incessantly thrilling river of challenges which drifts Vortex of Khaoƨ towards an auspicious future.”

With such ambitious goals, the question occurs whether she has to make any concession to either her studies or her business: “Handling both, my study and the new business project is really challenging. But this challenge is exactly what I like. I am known as a cosmopolitan and critical woman who likes to combine development and innovation with modern values. This need for self-improvement and gaining new experiences for personal enrichment are very important motives for me. Therefore am I not making concessions at all…I am pushing myself just a little harder to be able to combine my knowledge gained at Stenden University with the real business world out there. You know, some will doubt my motives; others will think I’m crazy. But what I have learned from my previous work experience as an executive manager is, that satisfaction itself does not only come through achievement, but with effort.”
To those who still think that those are mere words and that it is impossible to pursue a dream while still occupied with studying, let the achievements of Vortex of Khaoƨ speak for themselves. With seven international bands already collaborating and nine concerts confirmed between now and the middle of May, the biggest project so far is just about to become reality: “At the moment am I starting with a two-week tour-planning across Europe for October 2012. This tour will be a great reunion of three epic black metal bands to serve the bloodlust of their loyal fans. More information to be announced!”


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