ONKT – technical death / trash uit Alkmaar

onkt logo

These five have made a lot of bridges over the moon,
ONKT really is a little different. Holland is a rich country where metal is concerned,
many good bands that really try to innovate
and these men seem to understand like no other:
complexity, innovation, very diverse in its range. ”

Lords of metal:
“Since this is their debut demo, it is striking how duck-ass-super-tight this band
is regurgitating their not too simple sounding music . Impressive men!”

ONKT gives its own twist in this genre by adding a hefty dose of groove and melody.
The band is strong for their do It Yourself mentality.
Their first CD “Charge” (released June 2009) was recorded, mixed and mastered
wholly in-house. The design of the CDs, the site, printing T-shirts etc.
everything is done by the band members themselves and therefor
has a personal touch. Onkt is completely independent, allowing them to only develop
products which they themselves stand behind 100%.

Isak Majer – Vocals
Alex Stam – Guitar
Raimon Schaap – Guitar, backup vocals
Rob Oudhuis – Bass
Michiel Eeltink – Drums

Contact info




2009 – Charge (EP)


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