Cote D’aver – Deathgrind uit Eesveen

Cote d'aver
Cote d’Aver was formed in the year 2003 to create brutal deathgrind with gruesome yet humorous lyrics. The band decided it was time for a relentless counter movement to the extremely serious approach to image and lyrics in the metal scene. After a well received promo and acclaimed debutalbum “Masticated Flesh” Cote d’Aver have re-defined their sound and line-up for their highly anticipated new full-length “Proboscis Strangulation”. “Proboscis Strangulation” represents everything the band has worked towards for the past several years. Cote d’Aver have raised the bar for themselves and taken on musical and lyrical concepts that will drive everybody insane.

This is something created by a band thirsty for blood and eager to silence all the critics. It will contain some of the most bone-crushing riffage written thus far and each song will contain speed, darkness, brute strength, and a ‘refined sense of humour’. Having already played with Napalm Death, Jungle Rot, The Rotted, Entombed, Despondency and many more Cote d’Aver is ready to pummel the listener with relentless blastbeats, bowelmoving deathgrooves and gruesome vocals. Cote d’Aver will murder audiences with their most relentless songs yet.

Wiebe Otten – Drums
Miquel Schuitema – Guitar
Johan Girard – Guitar
Bram Groot – Bass
Gerard Frijlink – Vocals/Piggy

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Masticated Flesh (full length)
Proboscis Strangulation (full length)


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