Burial Earth – Blackened Melancholical Death Metal uit Zwolle / Nieuw Buinen

Burial Earth
A new name, a new sound, and a new face brought to the band, this is the beginning of “Burial Earth”, founded on the experience received during the times of “Docile”. In 2007 a demo was released called “Babylon Ablaze”, which was received so good that they decided to re-release it with 2 extra songs as an official EP.

After that they started touring through Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, and ofcourse their homeland Holland. Playing festivals, meeting a lot of great people, bands, and cultures.

Early 2009 they started recording songs for a new full-length album. During these recordings the vocalist decided to quit the band, this lead to a hold. Luckily a new singer was found , ready to place his voice on the music, bringing a whole new feeling to the sound. Therefore the decision was made to change the band name to Burial Earth and unleash some new ass kicking metal songs upon your ears.

Faster, louder, and tighter than ever before, here are some new songs as a sign of what to expect from this new formation.

Nanne: Guitar & Vocals
Michiel: Bass
Geert Samuel: Drums

Contact info
Geert Klaucke – burialearth@gmail.com




2010 – Burial earth (Demo)


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