Desitution – Trash Metal uit Groningen

When we founded Destitution in 2007 we had only one purpose in mind: creating old-school Thrash Metal without losing sight of melody, variation and composition. In the past each of us participated in various Thrash Metal bands, so we were no strangers to the scene.

After writing and rehearsing for some years we recorded our first promo in 2009.
Soon after that a three-piece concept EP called ‘The Human Error’ followed. It was recorded by Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge Studios in Germany and features artwork by the American artist Lee Gaskins. It was very well received by both the critics and the public.

Our first album is currently in the works and scheduled for release in late 2013. On this album we will continue on the path we originally set out.

Emiel van der Ploeg – guitar & vocals
Geert van der Laan – guitar
Robert Schutte – bass guitar
Tristan Sievers – drums

Contact info




2009 – Promo
2009 – The Human Error (EP)
2013 – New album will be launched!


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