Icons of Brutality – Death metal uit Hoogeveen

Icons of Brutality
The story of these Hoogeveen-based metal-veterans started just before the autumn of 2009 when four musicians, Jimme, Jeunis (both ex-Absorbed), Knolle en Robert, formed an alliance in order to play their favourite style of old school death metal. Their plan to play this brutal, heavy and deadly kind of music, resulted in a foetal version of what nowadays is the ultimate war machine called Icons of Brutality.

After six months Bakvet (ex-Grindminded) replaced Robert and together with Appe they joined forces with the band. With this new, steady (and current) line-up, Icons of Brutality was finally able to really work on their version of death metal.

Besides working on their own material, Icons of Brutality also decided to study and play great songs from the rich history of death metal. In the first half of 2011 the band was asked to play at some cover-gigs, so many nights were filled with sounds of great bands like Dismember, Entombed, Grave, Vader and many more……..

However…. after the 2011 cover-campaign, the band decided to focus on writing its own material. In the winter of 2011 / 2012 ten of these songs have been recorded at Fredde Kaddeth’s Dirty Bird Studio. So it is obvious that, with a great production like the old school Swedish death-gods, Icons of Brutality’s début- album Between Glory and Despair will crush and conquer the world!

Death metal will never die!!

Jimme – Throat
Jeunis – Gutters
Bert – Gutters
Knolle – Bass
Bakvet – Sticky things

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2013 – Between glory and despair (EP)


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