Variscythe – Melodic Death metal uit den Haag

Variscythe started out around 2009 as a group of friends from The Hague, who came together every week to jam out and eventually write songs and grow into a complete metal formation. With this line-up, they recorded their self-entitled EP which was released in early 2011.

“This is a very promising band: they mix heavy grooves and riffs with fine guitar melodies and quarrelsome vocals. They play some kind of technical thrash with a few minor death elements in their music. This is no easy listening music but it’s highly original and captivating when you get into it.” – about Variscythe’s EP.

In the following two years, Variscythe played around 60 gigs, including radioshows and festivals, such as Duveltjesrock, Westerpop and Plein Open. They also did a large amount of club shows including The Cave, Baroeg, De Supermarkt, De Bosuil and many more.

Halfway through 2012, Variscythe embarked on their first international tour through Milan, Italy, with the help of ‘The Hague Music Export’. Four successful shows in and around Milan resulted in a slew of new fans supporting the band.

Somewhere near the end of 2012, drummer Youssry and bassist Johnny decided to leave Variscythe, which resulted in several gig-less months. During this time more than an album’s-worth of tracks were written, alongside which the release of a new EP was prepared. The “Origin of Sacrifice” EP was released on 01-06-2013.

The year 2013 is already promising to be a year full of change, or rather evolution. Having introduced Sang-Jae as the new drummer and Imre as the new bass player, Variscythe has proven to have plenty of potential to continue playing the music they so passionately love. Variscythe is, and always will be growing and evolving into a more true form of itself.

Vocals – Robbert Simons
Guitar – Lloyd Mallée
Guitar – Ika Pataridze
Drums – Sang Jae Kouwenberg
Bass – Imre Nathan Beerends

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June 2013 – Origin of Sacrifice (EP)


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