Unseen Perception – Death metal uit Den Haag

Unseen Perception
UnseeN PerceptioN was formed in the Hague, the Netherlands by Dennis Kuiper, Ben Ouwerkerk and Bas Dubbelman. After experimenting with different approaches, members and projects, UnseeN PerceptioN solidified in early 2012 with bassist Mike de Vries. In January 2012, UnseeN finished its first live set, which would later move on to become the debut EP for the band.

After their first gig in Musicon, the Hague, Billy Stewart was recruited on guitar, as he used to go to high school with Ben Ouwerkerk, and they knew of each-others talents. In the early spring of 2012, UnseeN hosted a successful string of shows throughout their local venue scene, as well as appearing at outdoor festivals and on several radio stations. This led the band to move towards their first recording.

UnseeN PerceptioN recorded their first EP in the midst of summer, at Youri Studios in ‘s Gravenzande, owned by Youri de Bruijn. Parasitic Paranoia was released in September 2012, and contained 7 tracks. All artwork and design was contributed by Ben Ouwerkerk and Dennis Kuiper, and the EP was released on vinyl, in CD format. Extra merchandise, including t-shirts, is currently being distributed through live shows and events. The band received noticable response from their fans, and more live shows soon started to pop up. The band caught the attention of Leviathan Agency, where they have been signed since November 2012.

After a number of musical differences, the band parted with their bassist, Mike de Vries. After a long search, Justus Ebel had been recruited to play sessions with UnseeN. After a short amount of time, Justus became a permanent member, and they are now in the process of preparing for tours and writing. In 2013, UnseeN will aim to create their debut album, tour intensively, and gain recognition throughout the Netherlands and beyond.

Dennis Kuiper – Vocals
Ben Ouwerkerk – Lead Guitar
Billy Stewart – Rhythm Guitar
Bas Dubbelman – Drums
Justus Ebel – Bass

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Leviathan Agency Bookings




2012- parasite paranoia (ep)


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