Pathology – Death Metal uit Noordbrabant en Belgie

Belgian/Dutch death metal band, formed in 1990 by Molly [drums] & Jurgen [guitar] After a little while Jaap [guitar], Job [bass] and Tom [vocals] joined forces and Pathology released the first demo ‘Corpseconsuming’ … Not too long after that, Jaap was asked to leave and Pathology went into the recordings of the second demo ‘Exasperation Slow Dissection’, a brutal alliance between Holland and Belgium.

In the summer of 1992, due to studies and military training, Jurgen and Tom were forced to leave the band. Werner came in and replaced Jurgen. Rachel took over the mic, and Pathology became a band with brutal female vocals.
The first release of this formation was ‘Live in Mol’, recorded at the 14th of november 1992…
By the times of the recordings for the third demo ‘total desecration’ in 1993, Jurgen had found time again to reforce the band. Between the recordings and the release of ‘total desecration’, Job was shown the exit and Yves took over the four-string. Several gigs later, the band went into the studio to record two songs for the 7”split ep ‘Pure Lust/Embryonic Disembowelment’, released in the spring of 1994.
Due to some internal problems, Rachel left to join Dutch black metal band Occult. As a quartet, Pathology recorded one more song for a various-artists-album. Molly and Yves took over the vocals but the strength of Pathology was gone – no one could ever replace Rachel…
the end was fading in …
Molly went on playing drums with Exoto, Jurgen continued his studies and Yves joined Exterminator on guitars.

Rachel got well known and respected for her works with Occult and later on with Sinister.
Several years later Molly, Werner and Yves came back together to play in a rock-cover-band, far away from the brutal sounds they used to play.
until now …
In 2013 Pathology will be back with a new album and at least a few gigs!!!

Molly Molemans : Drums.
Heyzer Rachel : Vocals.
Wevers Yves : Guitar.
Geysels Werner : Guitar.
Marco Profeta : Bass.

Contact info




1994 – Pure Lust / Doomed (split)
1993 – Total desecration (demo)
1992 – Live in Mol (demo)
1992 – Exasperating Slow Dissection (demo)


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