Silent Commotion – Hard Rock / Heavy Metal uit Alkmaar

Silent Commotion
After the demise of our previous band (The Revenge of Frankie Who) at the end of 2010, Frankie and I decided not to waste any time and got right back in the game. We started writing new songs and went looking for a rhythm section to complete the new band. First to join us was bassist Django and through him we also found drummer Yngwie. The line-up was now complete and Silent Commotion was born!

Rehearsals went smoothly and soon we were ready to hit the stage. With a number of our own compositions plus a selection of cover tunes we played our first gig in Hoorn, where we hijacked a local jam session and rocked the place hard! After the success of the first gig we returned to rehearsals with the energy to write new songs and find more gigs. New gigs followed, including a set at The Last Waterhole, a rock bar in Amsterdam. When we participated in a band battle we had no doubt we would take home the first price: a free demo recording. We indeed won the battle, but soon the first problem arose. Yngwie wanted to pursue his other interests and decided to leave the band. We set out to find a new drummer.

Brendan Duffy had supported us on one of our gigs with his band Bullet Salad, and he was the ideal candidate for the vacancy. As luck would have it, he had some time to spare and Brendan decided to join us. With his more aggressive drumming style the band gained a renewed energy and we returned full force. In August 2012 Brendan made his live debut with the band at The Merv’s in Alkaar. In December we finally recorded three tracks for our first demo. Three songs were chosen to represent the Silent Commotion sound: Streetwalker, Molly, and Forgiven.

We played a great gig in Haarlem, supporting French hard rockers Bloody Mary. Sadly, an increasingly busy work schedule led to Django quiting the band in January 2013. Again we had to look for a new band member to complete the line-up. But luck was with us again and through Brendan we found our new guy, Killian. He played his first gig with us in Rock Café Jinx in Zaandam and helped us rock The Bone in Haarlem. And now we are ready again to take on the world and rock as hard as we can!

Frankie – Lead Vocals
Gee – Guitars
Kilian – Bass
Brendan – Drums

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2012 – Demo


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