Alerion – Progressive metal uit Utrecht

Alerion plays progressive metal with female vocals. Ranging from fast and heavy to slow and mellow, with diverse arrangements and atmospheric melodies, Alerion’s sound is not easily described, but very recognizable. Alerion’s influences include bands like Camel, Megadeth, Threshold, Opeth, Dream Theater, Riverside, Vanden Plas, Explorers Club, Symphony X, Iron Maiden and Ayreon.

In 2011 the Alerion song ‘Turn of Fate’ is included on the compilation album ‘Melody and Malice’ by Femme Metal Records. The album features tracks from many established metal acts, such as Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, Edenbridge, Kittie, Amberian Dawn and In This Moment.

Alerion was formed by guitarist Bas Willemsen on July 6, 2005, in Utrecht, The Netherlands and started out playing classic metal covers. In 2007, the band released its self-produced debut demo ‘Fledgling’ with the intention to use it to acquire gigs. The demo, although self-produced, generated buzz online and was internationally well received.

In 2009 Alerion released the promo ‘Turn of Fate’, featuring keyboards and an increase of progressive elements in the music, moving Alerion into the progressive rock and metal genre. Turn of Fate was recorded and produced by Kevin Storm of Dutch female fronted metal band Cardamon.

Alerion has performed with bands like Knight Area, Ex Libris, A New Dawn, The Name, Tightland, Android Soul, Incidense and Sephyros and was strengthened by Laura ten Hoedt on vocals in 2011. As of 2012, Alerion is making plans to record a full album.

Laura ten Hoedt – Vocals
Bas Willemsen – Lead guitar, keyboards
Nico Lammers – Rhythm guitar
Ronald van Schaik – Bass guitar
Jeroen Nagel – Drums
Backing track – Keyboards (live) (Alerion is looking for the right keyboardist to join the band. He or she must be able to work with keyboard plugin software. If you think you’ve got what it takes, or know someone who does, be sure to contact us by sending an email to info -at –

Contact info
info -at-




2009 – Turn of Fate (promo)


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