No. 1408 – Heavy metal uit Gelderland

no 1408 1
Following the breakup of hard rock formation Firefly, Jordy Stokkink, Ilja Scholten and Frank Navis decided set their aims to heavier work. Scholten switched from bass to guitar and under the name ‘Titanium’ the band set search for a bassist and frontman. Around the same time Coen Evers laid down his singing duties at the Grolschbusters to form a new heavy rock band.

At the first meeting in 2012 the deal was sealed and Titanium had both a singer and bass player. In the weeks to follow, the rigorous choice was made that would determine the definitive musical direction. This made it impossible to continue under the old name, and shortly thereafter “No1408″ was picked as the band’s name.

No1408′s musicians can draw from the experiences of hundreds of live shows in the Netherlands and abroad as well as national radio exposure.

Coen Evers – bass/lead vocals
Ilja Scholten – guitar
Jordy Stokkink – guitar
Frank Navis – drums

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