Enraged – death metal uit Friesland

Cold and contemptuous fury in its most extreme way. Aggression without boundaries translated into extreme and intense deathmetal, coinciding with lyrics pinpointing at all the despicable treason that the human race is responsible for.

Dutch ENRAGED displays it all. Founded in 1997, released their “Tirade”-debut demo in 1999. Hooked up with the Dutch record label So It Is Done in 2000, who released their “Counterblast” mcd in 2001. This release gave the band the status of being a promising deathmetal band, and was critically acclaimed in underground magazines from all over the world. Subsequently the band did a small but succesfull Dutch tour as a support-act of Polish YATTERING in 2001 and did gigs with bands like HIRAX (USA), HOLY MOSES (GER), SEVERE TORTURE (NL), GOREFEST (NL), DEICIDE (USA), GOREROTTED (UK), ANCIENT RITES (NL), ROTTING CHRIST (GR) and Swedish ARCH ENEMY during the following years.

In 2004 ENRAGED finally presented their most matured and extreme release so far: “Resist Or Serve – Promoting Our Contemptuous Resistance Against Human Treason – 2004”. Thanx to furious and guttural vocals, sick and heavy guitarwork and a tight rhythm-section, this four track promo proved the true quality of ENRAGED’s extreme and intense deathmetal. A huge improvement compaired to their earlier releases, once again critically acclaimed by both press and public. Thanks to this release the band finally got the oppurtunity to promote their contemptuous resistance abroad, and did tours across the UK and Italy in 2005. Next to that, ENRAGED also did some shows at Dutch festivals as Stonehenge, Waldrock and Occultfest.

Line-up changes in 2006 unfortunately caused a major set back for drummer and founding member Douwe Talma. Talma eventually remained as sole bandmember and started recording a full-length album back in 2007. A whole bunch of tribulations caused a massive delay to finish all the recordings in the years that followed. But thanks to a lot of time and effort – plus the help of some befriended and skilled session musicians -Talma finally finished the album last autumn.

On 12-12-’12 ENRAGED finally (and proudly!) presents their long awaited album: “It’s Your Fear That Feeds Their Power”. This album features some excellent guestsolo’s of James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary), Andy Larocque (King Diamond, Death, At The Gates) and Christofer Malmström (Darkane). Also Autumn guitarplayer Jens Van der Valk (ex-God Dethroned) and guitarplayer Jos Hindriks (of local heroes Disintegrate) contribute on this full-length with a bunch of great melodic guitarsolo’s. Jochem Jacobs (ex-guitarplayer of Textures and producer at Split Second Sound) did the mixing and mastering of this album.

“It’s Your Fear That Feeds Their Power” is cold, intense and profoundly violent and shows ENRAGED’s most furious and extreme tracks by far!!

Jitse Schregardus – Vocals
Jens Van der Valk – Lead Guitars
Tjaard Walstra – Rhythm & Bass Guitars
Douwe Talma – Drums & Vocals

Contact info




1999 – tirade (demo)
2001 – counterblast
2004 – resist or serve – promoting our contemptuous ressistance against human treason
2012 – It’s your fear that feeds their power (full length)


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