Grown Cold – metalcore uit Deventer

Grown Cold
Grown Cold makes aggressive Metalcore/Hardcore. No-nonsense, energetic and determined.
This formation hailing from the eastern parts of The Netherlands was started in august of 2009.

In this same year Grown Cold played the Geuzenpop Festival and has participated in a wide range of (all genre) band contests. The band always accomplished to reach the finals, e.g.: band contest “de Doorbraak”.
After that it was all shows shows shows.

In fall 2011 the band was part of the Hanged, Drawn and Quartered Tour and played venues in Germany and Holland, after that they joined another package that toured through Germany and Holland in 2012, this year they also hit the stage on the biggest free festival of Holland; Bevrijdingsfestfestival Zwolle 2012.
Fast after that plans were made to go on tour that they did in August.

Grown Cold released their First album early 2012 and is going back into the studio early 2013 with new material, louder, more brutal, more technical and especially with more energy, ( think of a mix between; The ghost inside / Obey the Brave / Parkway Drive ) but this is just a small reference.

A little something we did last 3 years:
– 2 international clubtour through Germany / Netherlands
– Tour through Poland
– Altersonic showcases
– An amount of Festivals ( Bevrijdingsfestival, Geuzenpop, ao. )
– And shared the stage with bands as: The Acacia Strain (US) / Pro-Pain (US) / Born From Pain / Heideroosjes / Shoot the Girl First (FR) /
– And Grown Cold is going back on tour for two Europe tours end of 2013.

Grown Cold’s music is best described as Metalcore with an Hardcore vibe. Different styles are combined, from metalcore-riffs to blastbeat and screams to gangvocals.
While playing live, the band stands for an energetic show lead by frontman George. A set goal for 2013 is to keep spreading the energy everywhere we can.

George Grein – vocals
Matthijs de Haan – guitar/backing vocals
Tom van Ast – Bass/backing vocals
Bas Evers – guitar
Ludo Uunk – Drums

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2012 – Grown Cold (EP)


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