Nox Aeterna – melodic death uit Spijkenisse

Nox Aeterna
Nox Aeterna is a five-headed Dutch melodic death metal band from Spijkenisse / Rotterdam and around. Formed originally in April 2002, starting out as a symphonic rockband, Nox Aeterna has nowadays grown to be a matured and experienced band with a self written repertoire. The band is formed by grunt vocalist and guitar player Arnold Boukes, metal lady Debbie Maasdam on guitar, Erik de Beijer on bass guitar, Patrick Lakwijk on drums and Gerard Baai on keys.

The music of Nox Aeterna (which means Eternal Night in Latin), can’t be easily labelled, but is best defined as melodic death metal. The band is influenced especially by Scandinavian melodic death metal bands, but also by various other subgenres.

Through the years, Nox Aeterna has gained experience with live performances on several stages and festivals in the Netherlands, like Baroeg, Zomerterras, Brandersfeesten, Popcentrale, Elektra Metal Massacre. Nox Aeterna has had live performances on television show Suzanne RTV-Rijnmond and Radio Moonrock. Nox Aeterna presented and headlined ‘TexMex Metalfest 2009’ & ‘TexMex Metalfest 2011’, which were completely sold out.

After the release of demo-cd ‘Nox Aeterna – Unleased’ in 2004, Nox Aeterna jumped into the studio to record the album ‘Nox Aeterna – Immortality’. The disk contains six songs and was recorded in the summer of 2007 in Studio ‘t Pand in Vlaardingen.

Nox Aeterna recorded the latest album in their own studio ‘NightSin’.
The new album, entitled ‘Nox Aeterna – Nightblood’, contains 10 new songs and has been released in the summer of 2012.

Get your copy now!

Arnold Boukes – Guitar & Vocals
Debbie Maasdam – Guitar
Erik de Beijer – Bass
Patrick Lakwijk – Drums
Gerard Baai – Keys

Contact info
bookings @ noxaeterna . nl




2004 – Unleashed (demo)
2007 – Immortality (EP)
2012 – Nightblood (album)


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