Exploded – Trash metal uit Rotterdam

Exploded is a five piece thrash metal band from Rotterdam, formed in 2010 by Rudi (guitar) and Thierry (drums), as follow up of their band “Batter”. Alex, former bassist of Batter, and longtime friend Merijn (guitar) highly appreciated the idea of creating devastating thrash metal, and joined. It felt natural from the start, although one part was missing: appropriate screams to complete the picture. Luckily, Alex knew the loudest screaming and grunting man in the world: Erwin. He joined and proved to be the missing link. Exploded was complete. Influenced by bands like Sepultura, Slayer, Death, Annihilator the band rehearsed and created their own sound.

In 2012, during one of those rehearsals, Exploded decided to record an EP. They teamed up with the talented producer Tom van Iersel, and started recording the drums at the former Excess Studios in Rotterdam, in summer 2012. Subsequently, the band took its time to thoroughly record the guitar and bass tracks, at the M.S.A. Studio in Spijkenisse. The recording of all vocals at Sound Engine (Tilburg) completed the tracks. The tracks are mixed and mastered into a massive display of thrash by Tom. The EP ‘Gather all Destructive Strength’ contains five killing compositions, including an intro, and reveals extreme thrash metal, with minor death influences.

Early 2013, Exploded and Alex could not live up to each other’s expectations, which made Alex decide to quit the band, unfortunately. It didn’t take long to find a replacement: Tom (van Boxtel) took the spot!

Erwin van Veldhoven – vocals
Merijn Schenkels – lead guitar
Rudi de Pont – rhythm guitar
Tom van Boxtel – bass guitar
Thierry de Keizer – drums

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2013 – gather all destructive strength


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