2 years to apocalypse – metalcore/post-hardcore uit Amsterdam

Schoolmates Rizki Calame, Dylan Wilmsen, Thomas de Rijk, met during the new semester of 2008, sharing same music taste and influences. Wanting to start up a band, due to similar taste, Dylan Wilmsen picked up the bassguitar, as Thomas taught himself the vocalist way. As half a band they decided to invite Roy Scheepstra, due to his technical abilities as a drummer. Roy and Rizki being former bandmates from previous project and Roy and Thomas being old friends. Months has past and searching for a vocalist able to pitch highly with clean vocals were still on. Upon one day they stumbled upon Ilah van der Haas, who unknowingly shared the same musictaste and influence as the rest of the band, and their search ended.

Writing and producing has started.

Thomas de Rijk – Vox
Ilah van der Haas – Vox
Rizki Calame – Guitar
Dylan Wilmsen – Bass
Roy Scheepstra – Drums

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