Chaotic Silence – melodic death uit Purmerend

Chaotic silence
We started medio 2009 as the hard rock/heavy metal band ‘Rockin Horse’. We did cover songs from Manowar, and ‘metalized’ some old pop songs. With the coming of our new drummer, Bas, we decided we could use some faster riffs. We started over with a couple of new names, and ended up as ‘Blaze’. We started writing songs. The very first song, Shadow Warrior, was mainly written by our Lead Guitarist and Vocalist Jelle. It started out pretty basic, but as we grew technically, so did Shadow Warrior, and it still does. Chaotic Silence originally started as a Classic Power Metal band, but as we grew, we started adding more progressive elements, and as our vocalist learned grunting, that was too implemented, and we decided to switch from Blaze to Chaotic Silence. We now play a technical and melodic mix of Progressive Power Death Metal.

Bas Philippus – Drums
Haris Numic – Guitars
Jelle Terpstra – Guitars, Vocals
Lennart Nooij – Bass
Stefan Schouten – Vocals, Keys

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