Endless Cycle – Progressive death uit Terneuzen

Endless Cycle logo
Endless Cycle was founded in 2005 in Terneuzen, Holland. The band was somewhat painfully proceeded from the minds of four individuals who liked to jam, then afterwards decided to form a band to play the music they like the most. With a blend of thrash, death and progressive metal, which they combine with some ethereal and mellow sounds founded in 70’s prog rock, they play a complex yet exciting form of music.

The combination of intense grunts, melancholic singing, pounding guitars as well as clean, soft stroked riffage and an innovative percussion section results in both crushing and subtle walls of sounds. Endless Cycle has done quite some shows the past couple of years, among which: “Rock around the Bridge” with (among others) Van Katoen and Intwine; a weekend-tour with The Prophecy; and “Musketeer of Death fest” with (among others) Kutschurft and Conquest of Steel.Furthermore, Endless Cycle won the regional final of the “Metal Battle” in 2011, after which they became the runner-up in the national semi-finals. After a rather restless and turbulent evolvement of the band and their music, Endless Cycle is now complete due to the addition of a lead guitarist.

On the 19th of November 2011, Endless Cycle has played with (among others) The Lucifer Principle at “Metal-core Hoek” in Hoek, Holland, after which they have presented their debut album on the 26th of November in Mezz in Breda, Holland. With “Into the Opaque…” Endless Cycle is now ready to conquer the Benelux, since critics already agree:“This album is a relevating must-have for all progressive metal fans!”

Maarten D’Haese – Vocals + rhythm guitars
Chris van Geel – Lead guitar
Boris van der Weij – Vocals (grunt)
Elmer Sonnevijlle – Drums
Jose Leijnse – Bass

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2012 – into the opaque


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