Resolve – Proggressive metal uit Den Haag

ReSolve was founded in The Hague around the summer of 2010 by friends and founding members drummer Gregory van der Hoeven and guitarist Lennert Kemper with the idea to finally compose and perform the music of their hearts: an own style of Progressive Rock/Metal, a genre that’s not very popular in the Netherlands, influenced mainly by bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Ayreon, etc. The time had come to fully express their creativity without boundaries, to take their songwriting and playing skills to a new level and start a whole new musical adventure. After a few changes of members, the band has had a stable line-up since January 2013.

This band is ambitious and striving to play a part in reviving the Dutch Prog scene!

Chrissy Spruijt – vocals
Lennert Kemper – guitars
Fabian Blomsma – keyboards/synths
Justus Ebel – bass
Gregory van der Hoeven – drums

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To be updated by band

To be updated by band


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