Sense vs Sanity – Progressive melodic death uit Leeuwarden

Sense vs Sanity
“Crawling, climbing my way out of the void”

The symbolism cannot be greater when listening to the chorus of the song “Out Of The Void”, as it fully describes what Sense vs Sanity is about.

Sense vs Sanity is a progressive / melodic death metal project led by Sander Stegeman. Sander is a musician which hails from the Netherlands. He is a composer, singer, guitarist and bassist. (also known for his bass playing in Disintegrate.)

Sander started Sense vs Sanity in 2010 after he left his former band Posthuman. (in which he provided guitars & vocals.) Posthuman released their debut EP “Into The Void” in 2010 which lyrically represented a darker period in Sander’s life. After Posthuman disbanded, Sander decided to write a follow up to this EP to put this dark period behind him. He took his time to re-evaluate the life he was living and decided to change things. New music soon came and a new concept was born. This material turned into the concept album “Out Of The Void” which is Sense vs Sanity’s debut release.
Sense Vs Sanity’s music is a combination of fast progressive melodic death metal on the surface. But beneath the heavy top layer, a more complex array of styles can be found which fleshes out the song structures. This debut-record contains unexpected styles such as Drum ‘n Bass, Electronica and Orchestral arrangements, which will reveal themselves after multiple listens. To top it all off, the record will be offering a host of guest musicians from different types of music which all provide their own musical color to make the ending result a unique experience.

Sense vs Sanity started out as a studio project originally, but it has evolved into a live band which has taken to the live stages at the beginning of 2013. Audiences, fellow bands and reviewers alike have seen what they are capable of and they have proven that they mean business! This new project offers music that might just appeal to lovers of extreme music, as well as listeners of more progressive and melodic metal sounds. One thing is for sure, the first steps out of the void have been taken and the road is now open for new adventures.

Sander Stegeman – Rhythm & Lead guitars, Clean vocals
Sander Blok – Grunts
Tristan Visser – Guitars
Cody Vledder – Bass guitars
Joran Dijkstra – Drums



Layered Reality Productions



2013 – Out of the Void


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