Soulecy – experimental black/doom uit Utrecht

Soulecy is a band from Utrecht, the Netherlands and combines several genres in their musical style. Their musical direction is mostly to be found within the Doom and Black Metal genre, but often refers to other (metal) genres as well. The lyrical themes often deal with the darker sides of life with themes concerning things like personal struggles, depression, and the disability to live the settledand easy life, and might to some extend be personal to some band members.

In 2010 a complete line-up was found, as well as a band name; Soulecy was born. In late 2010 a self-titled promotional demo was recorded by the band. Though it was never released officially; some copies were given away personally by the band. This demo consisted of three tracks, written in 2008/2009 by Jordy, far before Soulecy was even to become a band.

After some line-up changes in early 2011 a steady line-up was found and that year the first recordings for the first full-length took place, as well as several shows with bands like Angantyr, Endezzma and White Oak. Eventually the full-length was to be finished in 2012, and later that year the album titled “Nautical Twilight” was released on Depressive Illusions Records.

Pascal – Lead guitar and vocals
Leon – Bass
Jordy – Rhythm guitar
Bram – Drums

Contact info


Songs (you can download this for free but please support the band!)


2012 – Nautical Twilight


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