Jersey Devil – Heavy Metal uit Tilburg

Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil was started in 2010 by two former members (Rick and Ozzy) of the metal band F.R.E.U.D.. Rule was quickly added as a singer tot the formation. Some line up changes have taken place. The bass player left just after a major show at Monsters of Mariaheide. He was quickly replaced by a temporary bass player. Barros was added as a lead guitarist to the formation in may 2011 after a year long period of playing with just a single guitar. Barros was a former band mate of Rule in the death metal band Ebola. Vinnie replaced Rob as the new permanent bass player in early 2012.

Jersey Devil’s style doesn’t fit in a single box. A wide range of styles is incorporated into the music, but it can best be described as metal. You have to hear it to understand, so visit us at one of our gigs.

Rule – Vocals
Vinnie – Bass
Rick – Drums
Ozzy – Guitar
Barros – Leadguitar

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2013 – promo cd


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