Pelgrim – Progressive metalcore uit Tilburg

Pelgrim is a progressive metalcorel band from the Netherlands, combining earth shattering screams, compelling rhythms and virtuoso guitar stylings to devastating effect. This group of young musicians is determined, if not certain, to make every riff count and pound out the full extent of their love for music during every performance.

Being influenced by bands ranging from Textures to Emmure and from Architects to Periphery, their music can undoubtedly be described as heavy as well as ambient. The main focus, however, is to make the ground shake with the organized mayhem that is metal! Pelgrim is ready. Are you?

Pelgrim played with bands like: Textures, Exivious, The Darkest Red , The New Dominion

Wouter Zaman – Vocals
Koen Scheepens – Guitars
Pim Goossens – Guitars
Django van Loon – Bass
Rik Torremans – Drums

Contact info

New Breed Bookings




2011 – Demo
2013 – EP


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