Desolate Fields – Progressive black uit Zupthen

Desolate Fields

Gerben Getkate; lives in Zutphen, is 21 years old and single, this guy writes most of the tunes and plays the Guitar, Keys, Bass and writes the Lyrics.
Alex Weisbeek; lives in Zutphen, is 23 years old and looks like a hobo, he abuses his Guitar, Bass and his throat. From time to time Alex (re)writes some Lyrics.
Jochem Lodder; lives inside his own head, is 23 years old and is the real pretty-boy who makes our fan-girls jealous of his hair. He has his own way of playing the Keys, Guitar, and the Bass. And will probably get around to drumming in some time, untill then he picked up some vocal parts.
Mark Geurds; lives both in Enschede for his study and in Hengelo to chill out in his parents’ pool, he is 23 years old as well, and has energy for three. He only plays the drums for now but that will probably change.

We are Desolate Fields and we are here to bring you a colourful (grey is considered a colour!) mix of ambient beauty and metal loudness.

Gerben Getkate; Guitar, Keys
Alex Weisbeek; Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jochem Lodder; Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals
Mark Geurds: Drums

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Grey – demo track


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