Despicable Heroes – Hardcore/Metalcore uit Barneveld

Despicable Heroes

Despicable Heroes is a Metalcore/Hardcore band which was originally started in 2010 in a small town called “Barneveld”. Kevin(screamer/guitarist) and Gino(bass) were troubled during the proces of creative songwriting because of the absence of a drummer, Sam was found few weeks later making all aspects of a band complete. During the first year ”DH” has won the play-off on a local band competition, qualifying themselves by winning the semi-finals, at the finals of the provincial bandcontest in “Willemeen, Arnhem” during the “GESEL XL weekend”

In the following years many shows were played, nationally and internationally, and lots of new song have been written. Faster, heavier, more intense and more energetic each time a new song was finished and ready to hit the stage and crowds. Characterizing and defining the band’s identical and versatile sound. Despicable Heroes combines true hardcore riffing and massive polyrithmic breakdowns, creating total chaos and unsustainable crowds.
In the beginning of 2013 Despicable Heroes signed with Unite Records and producer “Dimitri Stolk” making is able to release their first record. The result was an 8-track fulllength called “Shipwrecked” which was released on the 18th of May 2013. 2 musicvideos were released during thepromo campaign. The Songs “Walls” and “Grey to Black” are the first two official clips the band has released.

3 voor 12 about Despicable Heroes: “- If you love hardcore, Despicable Heroes is certainly a band not to be forgotten. They are around for just half a year but they sound very promising. ”

“- The Despicable Heroes from Barneveld have a higly dedicated fanbase that react heavily to the raw At-the-Drive-In-music of the trio. Lots of energy, bruises, bleeding noses, fun and passion on and around the stage!”

Kevin Bos, Guitar + Vocals
Sam Rijken, Drums
Gino van Middendorp, Bass

Contact info

Unite Records




Despicable Heroes – Shipwrecked (full length)


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