Ingratus – Thrash uit Rotterdam


somewhere in april 2011, four guys decided they should be in a band together. After this was agreed upon they started writing and practicing their own music, and after just half a month they walked upon the stage for the first time under the name It’s only water. Although Reinout had never sung before and Juriaan had never played in a band, their act was smiled upon and soon they were invited to play a few more small shows.

It was pretty soon that the band decided that although their name was based on a recent event that took many lives, it didn’t sound brutal enough so they changed their name to Combustion.

As Combustion they gained more attention amongst their friends and soon they’d play bigger events across The Netherlands. after just eighteen months, Combustion got to play the biggest free Metal festival in The Netherlands: Baroeg Open Air. Although they had seen some crowd before, this was the most intense experience for the band and they soon decided that there was much more than this and headed for a recording studio.

The Recording studio they used to record their first demo was a boat that a friend of them lived on. The sound they got out of this demo surprised the band and everyone who listened to it in a more than positive way. Pretty soon the band knew they would set course to conquer the world.

Though in the first weeks of promoting the demo, a problem rose. The name of the band was already taken. This was a familiar but still unpleasant problem and it wasn’t solved quickly. All names the band desired were taken, and agreeing on something that wasn’t taken was hard.

The guys still looked into this problem on a positive way: They could now find a name suited to music that was already made and a style they know would fit them. They dived into the depths of the darker words known in Latin. after many choices they agreed on ‘Ingratus’. Ingratus means ungrateful, and mostly it just sounded cool.

Thought the band would never be ungrateful to anyone that gave them chances, their music had always been some protest to the people that treated the guys very ungrateful, so Ingratus was fitted them perfectly.

Reinout Haank – Guitar/Vocals
Johan Tangerman – Guitar
Bas Holten – Bass
Juriaan van der Graaf – Drums

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