La Ventura – Melodic metal uit Goes

La Ventura

A lot can happen in three years, time doesn’t stand still for anyone. Like a good whiskey aging in caskets over the years, making it better and better. That’s the case for “White Crow” this new musical chapter of La-Ventura!

Recorded in a professional studio in France, the way it should be, under the watchful eye of producer Didier Chesneau, the band gave it their best. Mastering yet again done in France, by one of the bigger names in the bizz: Bruno Gruel.
These factors make the new sound of the band which is huge, broad, massive and with conviction!

The album counts ten songs which demonstrates evolution and passion from the band, as it never has done before. Never losing what made La-Ventura in the first place.
The album gives you: Metal fused with melody, rock fused with groovy riffs; it is all there for you to enjoy!

The release of “White Crow” is planned for March 2013 to start a new live as a band. Members changed, music matured and blood was shed to complete this new album, but the fans will still get the best of La-Ventura!


Contact info

Ravenheart Music Records / Valkyrie Rising

Hard Life Promotions




2008 – A new beginning
2010 – Breaking the Silence (EP)
2013 – White Crow


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