Bleeding Gods – Thrash / Death uit Zuid Holland

Bleeding Gods LOGO

From the foundations of several well known Dutch metal acts like Altar, Houwitser, Supreme Pain and Sinister, Bleeding Gods was born in late 2012.
After he had left Houwitser in 2012, Ramon started to write an album on guitar and a drumcomputer at home. Just (basic)demo songs that were groovy, fast and also slow, but most of al: heavy! When te pre-production demo was done, he searched for the right people to join in, and asked some fellow metal-musicians he had met in the past years on several festivals, club shows and on tours. All of the guys were very enthusiastic when they heard the music.
All former bands of all the guys were (technical) death metal bands. They wanted to do something different this time.
Bleeding Gods plays grooving, riffing and shredding metal with some thrash and death influences in it. Some influences from the riffs, composing and vocals of the songs came from bands like Slayer, (old)Metallica, Lamb of God and for some parts also from Black Sabbath, Opeth and Chimaira .

With the pre-production demo Bleeding Gods got worldwide endorsement deals with ENGL Amps and Serpent King Guitars (SKG).

After a couple of rehearsals all together in the beginning of 2013, Bleeding Gods recorded their 4-track promo in early april. The lyrical theme is about Ancient Gods, wars and history like the Mayans, Ancient Egyptian and Greek Gods.
With this 4-track promo entitled Blood Symphony, Bleeding Gods wants to promote and introduce themselves worldwide to the press, labels and to the public.

Arnold Oude Middendorp – Vocals
Ramon Ploeg – Guitar
Erwin Harreman – Guitar
Bart van Wallenberg – Bass
Edwin van den Eeden – Drums

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2013 – Blood Symphony (promo)


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