Dynamic Solution – Thrash/Groove uit Rotterdam

Dynamic Solution logo

Dynamic Solution is a solid metal act from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Their sound is a feeling of groove crossing the trash, bringing the energy from stage to audience.
They are influenced by the old Sepultura, Soulfy and Cavalera Conspiracy, but listeners of Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Pantera won’t be disappointed in any way.

The current line-up of the band consists of Nils (vocals), Cas (rhythm guitar and vocals), Matthijs (leadguitar), Robert (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Vijay (drums).

They came together in October 2011 and since, they want to conquer the world.
They released the demo Mental Nuclear Winter (September 2012) that includes Selfrighteous Suicide, Mental Nuclear Winter and Gunshot. Also, they were the first week winner in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam (September 2012) and are currently working on their first EP Katyusha.

Venues they attended are Lazarus Leiden, The Little Cave Zevenkamp, The Cave Amsterdam, The ‘Show me some music’ show, Nachtegaal Rotterdam, De Keet Rotterdam, The Dark Carnival (Total Music Schiedam), Texmex Spijkenisse, Baroeg Rotterdam, StudioGonz Gouda, Popcentrale and many shows are upcoming, like Baroeg Open Air 2013!

“Young men who play solid music with a lot of enthousiasm, potential is certainly there.’’ – Lazaru’s Leiden, May 2012

“I’m pretty impressed. The appearance was great! The energy came right at me” – Show me some music, June 2012

Nils Stok – Vocals
Cas van’t Wout – Vocals, Rythem guitar
Vijay Duran Jimenez – Drums
Robert de Gast – Bass Guitar, backing Vocals
Matthijs Vliegenthart – Lead Guitar

Contact info
Manager: Monica Buurmeester




2013 – Katyusha (EP)


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