Cavitation – death metal uit Amersfoort

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Founded mid ‘00 by several musicians and friends from the Amersfoort metal/hardcore scene, Cavitation (initially called Clobbered) started off as a hardcore band.

Although the band was formed to play decent straightforward hardcore, the music soon started shifting more towards a metallic approach and it became clear that writing hardcore songs wasn’t their cup of tea.
Due to musical and priorital differences several line-up changes in the guitar department followed, but Olle Oele (drums; former Discharger, former Funeral Whore), Michaël Huster (vocals; former Between lines) and Walter van Kalsbeek (bass; Baatezu, former Catalist) remained the consistent backbone of Cavitation.

Completed in 2010 by guitarists Bram Hilhorst (Bodyfarm) and Jeroen van Aernsbergen (Baneblade), Cavitation started building a solid setlist. Throught both technical riffing and solid grooves, Cavitation delivers a mix of old and new school deathmetal combined with elements of thrashmetal.

On the start of 2013 Bram decided to focus on Bodyfarm and other priorities. He was soon replaced by Rutger van Noordenburg (Baatezu; Catalist). In the summer of 2013 a selftitled (4 songs) EP was recorded by Jory Hogeveen (Tribal Spirits) at Pitch Note Productions. The EP serves as a versatile showcase for Cavitation, who are eager to bring their music to the stage!

Michaël Huster – Vocals
Jeroen van Aernsbergen – Guitar
Rutger van Noordenburg – Guitar
Walter van Kalsbeek – Bass
Olle Oele – Drums

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2013 Cavitation – Cavitation (EP)


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