Empire of the Scourged – avantgarde industrial death uit reeuwijk

Empire of the Scourged is a Death Metal band from The Netherlands crossing the close-minded boundaries suffocating this genre of extreme music. Inspired by groundbreaking pioneers such as Nocturnus, Phlebotomized, Emperor, Aborym and Mysticum we turned our twisted ideas into a style of death metal never heard before.
With ‘Transcend into Oblivion’ we present ourselves to the metal scene. To spread our music across the world and establish our name we handout promo-cds for free at concerts and festivals we attend and send out copies to distros we are in touch with. This winter and spring will see over 2500 copies of ‘Transcend into Oblivion’ spreading like a virus and infecting the metalscene around the world.

Currently we are concentrating on both the promotion of ‘Transcend into Oblivion’ as well as writing new
material for a full length album.

Our (future) goals are:
• Spread our debut release all over the underground and establish our place in the underground as Avantgarde Industrial Death Metal band
• Send out copies to magazines in order to get reviews and do interviews
• Find a record label to release our full length album containing more genre defying metal with songs containing even more unexpected twists and turns, yet still keeping the brutal aspects of Death Metal as a foundation for our multi-layered arrangements

unknown at this moment

Contact info




2014 – transcend into oblivion


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