Am Tuat – Melodic Doom/Death uit Arnhem


Am Tuat has been in the world of metal for more then a decade. Themselves constantly developping and searching for harmony and perfection in their music, being influenced by scandinavian metal, 70’s rock and pop and death metal fort their musical inspiration. The line-up has therefore not changed for the past ten years; Bauke Valstar (Guitars & Vocals), Nick Pel (Guitars), Arno Rensink (Bassguitar) and Sander Bosscher (Drums).

Thémelio (april 2013) continues where ‘Inmotion’ (august 2008) was hinting at the way ahead: melodic doom-death metal where diversity, structure and rythmics are welconsidered and uncompromised and create a wall of sound. The artwork of the album, is welconsidered and is filled with symbolic references to the music, the musicians’ personal lives and meaning of the musical content. Am Tuat has decided to keep production and engineering of Thémelio to themselves – to make sure the music sounds as intended.

“My favourite however is ‘Rain Of Despair’ with its grand diversity. Rough grunts are regularly intermittent with melancholic clean parts, guitar solos are ace, an acoustic moment is present and a spoken sampler adds extra depth.”

Am Tuat’s Themélio sets the course into the future.

Bauke Valstar – Guitars and vocals
Nick Pel – Guitars
Arno Rensink – Bassguitar
Sander Bosscher – Drums

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2013 – Themelio
2008 – Inmotion


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