Defied Sanity – death metal uit Tilburg

Defied Sanity
In 2012 Dagaz, and Renzert teamed up with Markus, Dennis and Eelco, to blow new life in Tomb of Oda. After a year Tomb of Oda seized to exist, because of the different interests in music and the unused talent of Rens on guitar. The quality of Markus’s drum skills were also unused, because of the style of music we played while in Tomb of Oda.

After a month (March 2013), Markus, Renzert and Dagaz teamed up together to set up a new project. Filled with new ideas and inspiration, the writing began. Defied Sanity was born.
Within weeks we wrote the first 3 songs. Then we took it a little slow, due to holidays, birth of a daughter from Dagaz. After a while, 2 new songs were written.

While building a setlist to preform again, we deceided to record a demo.
We teamed up with JP Studio’s and within 1 day we recorded all tracks for 3 songs. The songs are available on this page and on Soundcloud.

For more info or booking, contact us:

Dagaz: Vocals
Renzert: Guitars
Markus: Drums

Contact info




2013 – demo


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