Synergy Protocol – Progressive metal uit Utrecht

Synergy Protocol
Synergy Protocol: “The unity in a set of regulations”

Yes, my dear readers, we are talking about the new Dutch metal-sensation. But… a progressive metal sensation. Progressive, because the music contains a lot of stuff that makes it more complicated than absolutely necessary. We don’t really know what’s progressive about that, but that is how they call it anyway. Metal, as the guitars are usually loud.
The set of rules have emerged from various influences, taste, quality and ages. Wim is the founding member and has been terrorizing European stages ever since the eighties as the party animal from Jewel. Laura studies at the Metal Academy to hit her notes perfectly in tune and move you to tears. Haigreen is the second elderly youngster and together with Mark the one that turns our music into metal. The outstanding craftsmanship of our “Benjamin”, so appropriately called Patrick, provides a solid base. And last but not least: Mac, who modestly observes the mayhem up front while reproducing his keyboard sounds.
Al together this forms a fascinating soundcloud from tranquility to dynamite, facilitated by intriguing compositions, well balanced arrangements, vocal harmonies, lyrical atmospheric images, catchy melodies, excellent musicianship and most of all huge, huge amounts of fun.

Hence: Synergy Protocol!

Laura Guldemond: Vocals
Maarten Heeringa: Guitars & backing vocals
Mark Roelofs: Guitars & backing vocals
Wim Smits: Bass
Patrick van Mourik: Drums & Percussion

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