X-Tinxion – thrash uit Dordrecht


X-Tinxion plays feisty thrash metal: Catchy and fast, yet grooving and heavy! Bold drum work, tight riffs and edgy solos, pounding bass lines, grunts, screams and rough melodic vocals.

X-Tinxion was brought to existence in the year 2003. Since then, it has grown to become a thrash metal band with a distinct sound and on-stage-appearance.

After releasing the demo CD “Twisting the Knife”, a lot of positive reviews have been written about it by critics of magazines such as “Aardschok” and various E-zines such as “Lords of Metal”. As a result X-Tinxion has played a variety of gigs at different venues, festivals, including “Borstrock” and “Occultfest”, “Women in Rock” and has been given a chance to participate in renowned metal competitions, such as the “Metal Bash” and the “Wacken Metal Battle”, to name a few.

X-Tinxion has a reputation for putting up tight and energetic live shows. The band shared bills with metal legends as well as talented bands such as: Heathen, Stormrider, Eminence (ex-Sepeltura), Perzonal War, Thanatos, The Gathering, Cypher, Udo, Vengeance, Detonation, One Bullet Left, Drone and Nuclear Assault, among others.

In the spring of 2010 X-Tinxion released the new EP “Act the Injured Innocent”, recorded and produced by Hans Pieters, of “Excess studios”, well- known for his experience in recording metal productions.

– “A real taste of the future of thrash!”
– “X-tinxion is known to be one of the tighter Metal bands from The Netherlands for quite a while.”
– “Who signs this band?”

Monica (vocals)
Conrad (guitar)
Sepp (guitar)
Haico (bass guitar)
Peter (drums)

Contact info




2010 – Act the injured innocent (EP)
Twisting the knife (demo)


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