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Alternative Rock / Metal

 Chigurh thumb 1  Godscum thumb 1  A new dawn thumb1
Chirgurh   Godscum   A new dawn (eclectic)


Empire of the Scourged (Avantgarde industrial death) 

Black Metal

 Desolate Fields thumb1  Hymir thumb1
 Desolate Fields (progressive/black)  Hymir
 Akrasial thumb1  Soulecy thumb2  Ran thumb1
 Akrasial (blackened death)  Soulecy (experimental black/doom)  Rán (black/trash)
 Dystopia1  from-the-ashes-thumb  Hanengeschreithumb
Dystopia From the ashes (blackened death) Hanengeschrei
 Nachtvalthumb  Xanathos  Burial Earth thumb 1
Nachtval (folk black)   Xanathos (blackened death)  Burial Earth (blackened death)


 Memento Mori thumb  Pariahthumb
Memento Mori   Pariah (melodic deathcore)

Death Metal

 incinerator thumb 1  Defied Sanity thumb1
 Incinerator  Defied Sanity
 Bloodgod thumb1  AmTuat thumb 1  Paper Doll Decay thumb1
 Bloodgod  Am Tuat (melodic doom/death)  Paper Doll Decay
 empireofthescourgedthumb1  cavitation thumb 1  Pictura Poesis thumb 1
 Empire of the Scourged (avantgarde industrial death)  Cavitation  Pictura Poesis (Symphonic death)
 Bloodsphere thumb1  Impalement thumb1  Bleeding Gods thumb 1
 Bloodsphere (death/groove)  Impalement  Bleeding Gods (thrash / death)
 Chainsaw Disaster thumb 1  scarlet_claw_logo_white  Endless Cycle logo thumb1
 Chainsaw Disaster (death/hardcore)  The scarlet claw (death)  Endless Cycle (Progressive Death)
 Pathology thumb1  Enraged thumb 2  Alice Day thumb 1
 Pathology (death)  Enraged (death)  Alice Day (atmospheric death/doom)
 Endymaeria thumb 2  Deem Index thumb 1  Warmaster thumb1
 Endymaeria (symonic death/doom)  Deem Index (death/trash)  Warmaster (oldschool death)
 Clinically Insane thumb1  Dyopsis thumb1  Unseen Perception thumb 1
 Clinially Insane (death/doom)  Dyopsis (proggressive death)  Unseen Perception (death)
 icons of brutality thumb 1  Burial Earth thumb 1  Akrasial thumb1
 Icons of Brutality  Burial Earth(blackened death)  Akrasial (blackened death)
 Ecocide thumb 1  BMPS
Ecocide (trash/death) Black Mesa Preservation Society  
 from-the-ashes-thumb  infantrythumb  Xanathosthumb
 From the Ashes Infantry  Xanathos
 ConcedoNulliThumb  Bloid thumb  bloodsinthumb
 Concedo Nulli  Bloid  Bloodsin
 Viatora thumb 1  Abrupt Demise thumb 1  Burning Hatred thumb
 Viatora  Abrupt Demise  Burning Hatred

Brutal Death Metal

 Braincasket  last fearthumb  pulverised thumb
 Braincasket  Last Fear  Pulverised


 Hologram Earth  tellurion thumb 1  Cilice thumb1
Hologram Earth  Tellurion  Cilice (math metal)


 Soulecy thumb2  AmTuat thumb 1
 Soulecy (experimental black/doom)  Am Tuat (melodic Doom/Death)
 Clinically Insane thumb1  Endymaeria thumb 2  Alice Day thumb 1
Clinically Insane  Endymaeria (symphonic death/doom)  Alice Day (atmospheric death/doom)

Extreme Metal

The Scalding 

Folk Metal

 Nachtval  thalanos  Druantiathumb
Nachtval Thalanos  Druantia

Gothic Metal

 Beyond Violet  black no1 thumb 1
Beyond Violet  Black No. 1


 Reign of War  Cote d'aver thumb
Reign of War  Cote d’Aver

Groove Metal

 4fear thumb1
 Exile  Stonehawk thumb1  Bloodsphere thumb1
Exile  Stonehawk  Bloodsphere (death/groove)
 dynamic solution thumb1
 Dynamic Solutions (thrash/groove)


 logo_2YTA_WhiteOnBlack  13 steps thumb 1  when disaster falls thumb1
 2 years to Apocalypse (metalcore/post-hardcore)  13 Steps  When Disaster Falls (post-hardcore)
 Skeletons of Society  Damage Remains thumb 1  Print
 Skeletons of Society  Damage Remains  Chelsea Smile
 when walls collapse thumb 1  0fight8 thumb1  Get Some thumb1
 When Walls Collapse  0Fight8 (hardcore / punk)  Get Some (hardcore/punk)

(hard) Rock

 Subrockers thumb 2
Subrockers (hardrock/punkrock)

Heavy Metal

 Overruled thumb2
 Overruled (heavy/speed/thrash)
 no 1408  thumb 1  Jersey Devil thumb 2  Degradingthebravebandpic
 No. 1408  Jersey Devil   Degrading the brave
 Methusalem  Gloria Victis logo thumb 1  Silent Commotion thumb 1
Methusalem  Gloria Victis  Silent Commotion
 The Devil's 3rd thumb 1  beyond our ruins thumb 1  soundcrave thumb 1
 The Devil’s 3rd (trash / heavy)  Beyond our Ruins  Soundcrave 


 3rd Machine thumb  empireofthescourgedthumb1
3rd Machine   Empire of the Scourged (Avantgarde industrial death)

Melodic / Symphonic Metal

 Alantia  Shadowrise  morvigorbanner
Alantia Shadowrise  Morvigor
 Equisa thumb 1  The Name logo thumb1
 Equisa (female fronted)  The Name (female fronted)

Melodic / Symphonic Death Metal

 Pictura Poesis thumb 1
 Pictura Poesis (symphonic death)
 Shade of Hatred  interfering elements thumb  Variscythe thumb
Shade of Hatred  Interfering Elements  Variscythe
 Nox Aeterna thumb 2  Chaotic silence thumb1  Insurrection thumb1
 Nox Aeterna  Chaotic Silence  Insurrection


 Rebuilding Memories thumb1  horribletwuts
 Rebuilding Memories  The Horrible Twunts (death/metalcore)
 Pelgrim thumb 1  Hope Remains thumb2  when disaster falls thumb1
 Pelgrim (Progressive metalcore)  Hope Remains  When disaster falls (post-hardcore/metalcore)
 In Search for SOlace thumb 1  Grown Cold thumb 1  logo_2YTA_WhiteOnBlack
 In Search of Solace  Grown Cold   2 years to apocalypse (metalcore/post-hardcore)
 thumb  startled by silence thumb 1  drainlife thumb 1
Ruined   Startled by Silence  Drain Life

Modern metal


 Blackstroke thumb 2
Blackstroke (post-grunge/nu-metal)

Power Metal

 Spartan  darkcabaretthumb
 Spartan  Dark Cabaret

Progressive rock / metal

 Desolate Fields thumb1  Strain thumb1  Synergy Protocol thumb1
 Desolate Fields (progressive/black)  Strain (progresive/alternative)  Synergy Protocol
 resolve thumb 1  Endless Cycle logo thumb1  Pelgrim thumb 1
 Resolve  Endless Cycle (progressive death)  Pelgrim (progressive metalcore)
 Schidzoid Lloyd  alerion thumb 1  Lyonite thumb 1
 Schizoid Lloyd (prog rock/metal)  Alerion  Lyonite (Progressive / symphonic)
 Dark Sun Rising  armed cloud thumb2  Hologram Earth
Dark Sun Rising Armed Cloud (progressive rock) Hologram Earth
 Hillsphere  Leapers Path  Dyopsis thumb1
 Hillsphere Leaper’s Path  Dyopsis (proggressive death)

Psychedelic Metal


Stoner rock / metal

 Stone Burner thumb 1
Stone Burner 

Thrash Metal

 Player thumb1  x-tinxion thumb1  grim ordeal thumb1
 Player (Slayer tribute)  X-Tinxion  Grim Ordeal (thrash / metalcore)
 projectpain thumb2  Overruled thumb2  Keflarthumb2
 Project Pain   Overruled (heavy/speed/thrash)  Keflar
 Deadly Alliance thumb 1  Bleeding Gods thumb 1  dynamic solution thumb1
 Deadly Alliance  Bleeding Gods (thrash/death)  Dynamic Solututions (thrash/groove)
 Ran thumb1  FaceMeetsConcrete thumb 1  Ingratus thumb1
 Rán (black/trash)  Face Meets Concrete (covers)  Ingratus
 Morghellon thumb 1  Exploded thumb1  Distillator thumb1
 Morghellon  Exploded  Distillator 
 Graverot Thumb  The Devil's 3rd thumb 1  Ynfamia thu,b 1
 GraveRot  The Devil’s 3rd (Trash/heavy)  Ynfamia
 Ecocide thumb 1  infantry  Leapers Path
Ecocide (trash/death) Infantry Leaper’s Path
 Reign of War  Skeletons of Society  Thuig
 Reign of War Skeletons of Society Thuig
 Bloid thumb  onkt logo thumb 1  tellurion thumb 1
 Bloid  ONKT  Tellurion
 ill trusted thumb 1  State of Negation thumb  Desitution thumb 1
 Ill Trusted  State of Negation  Destitution


 Spyker thumb 1

Technical Death Metal

 interfering elements thumb  onkt logo thumb 1  The Darkest Red thumb
Interfering Elements  ONKT  The Darkest Red

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