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 icons of brutality thumb 1  Burial Earth thumb 1  Degradingthebravebandpic
Icons of Brutality (Hoogeveen – Death)  Burial Earth (Zwolle/Nieuw Buienen – blackened death)  Degrading the brave (Assen – heavy)
 Overruled thumb2
 Overruled (Hoogeveen – heavy/speed/thrash)


 Gloria Victis logo thumb 1
Gloria Victis (Almere – heavy)


 incinerator thumb2  4fear
 Incinerator (Sneek – death)  4fear (Harlingen – Groove)
 13 steps thumb 1  Stonehawk thumb1
 13 steps (Leeuwarden – hardcore)  Stonehawk (Sneek – groove)
 Lyonite thumb 1  Enraged thumb 2  Alice Day thumb 1
 Lyonite (Leeuwarden – progressive / symphonic)  Enraged (Friesland – death)  Alice Day (Leeuwarden / Leiden – atmospheric death/doom)
 Print  0fight8 thumb1  when walls collapse thumb 1
 Chelsea Smile (Friesland – Hardcore)  0fight8 (Leeuwarden – hardcore / punk)  When Walls collapse (Leeuwarden – hardcore)
Braincasket  Leapers Path
Braincasket (Heereveen – brutal death)   Leaper’s Path (Leeuwarden – progressive trash)
 Methusalem  black no1 thumb 1  Graverot Thumb
 Methusalem (Leewarden – heavy)  Black No. 1 (Gothic/Darkwave – Friesland)  GraveRot (Trash – Friesland)


 AmTuat thumb 1  armed cloud thumb2  rhovanion1
 Am Tuat (Arnhem – melodic doom/death)  Armed Cloud (Nijmegen – progressive rock)  Rhovanion (Harderwijk – Folk)
 no 1408  thumb 1  Desolate Fields thumb1  Impalement thumb1
 No. 1408 (Gelderland – Heavy)  Desolate Fields (Zutphen – Progressive/Black)  Impalement (Arnhem – death)
 darkcabaretthumb  startled by silence thumb 1  Deem Index thumb 1
Dark Cabaret (Arnhem/Nijmegen – power metal)   Startled by Silence (Harderwijk – metalcore)  Deem Index (Arnhem – death/trash)
 Blackstroke thumb 2  In Search for SOlace thumb 1  soundcrave thumb 1
 Blackstroke (Gelderland – post-grunge/nu-metal)  In Search for Solace (Arnhem – metalcore)  Soundcrave (Achterhoek – heavy)


 Desitution thumb 1  Insurrection thumb1  Burning thumb1
 Desitution (Groningen – Trash)  Insurrection (Groningen – Melodic Death)  Burning (Stadskanaal – heavy)
 The Horrible Twunts (Groningen – Death/metalcore)


 Viatora thumb 1  TheScaldingthumb1
Viatora (Maastricht – folk death)   The Scalding (Heerlen – Extreme Metal)

Noord Brabant

 when disaster falls thumb1  Defied Sanity thumb1
 When Disaster Falls (Tilburg – post-hardcore/metalcore)  Defied Sanity (Tilburg – death)
 Pelgrim thumb 1  Pictura Poesis thumb 1  Rebuilding Memories thumb1
 Pelgrim (Tilburg – progressive metalcore)  Pictura Poesis (Eindhoven – Symphonic Death)  Rebuilding Memories (Someren – metalcore)
 beyond our ruins thumb 1  Godscum thumb 1  Jersey Devil thumb 2
 Beyond our Ruins (Raamsdonksveer – heavy)   Godscum (Eindhoven – alternative)  Jersey Devil (Tilburg – heavy)
 Pathology thumb1  The Devil's 3rd thumb 1  Chigurh thumb 1
 Pathology (Noordbrabant / België – death)  The Devil’s 3rd (Tilburg – Trash)  Chigurh (Haaren – Alternative rock/metal)
 Shadowrise  Dark Sun Rising  Thuig
Shadowrise (Einhoven – melodic) Dark Sun Rising (Eindhoven – progressive) Thuig (Tilburg – trash)
 Druantiathumb  Damage Inc thumb  interfering elements thumb
 Druantia (Breda – Folk)  Damage Inc (Tilburg – trash)  Interfering Elements (Breda – Melodic Technical Death)
 The Darkest Red thumb  ill trusted thumb 1  Equisa thumb 1
 The Darkest Red (Waalwijk – Technical death)  Ill Trusted (Tilburg – trash)  Equisa (Roosendaal – melodic/female fronted)

Noord Holland

 Paper Doll Decay thumb1  Cilice thumb1
 Paper Doll Decay (Hilversum – Trash)  Cilice (amsterdam – math metal)
 The Name logo thumb1  purestofpain thumb1  Player thumb1
 The Name (Haarlem – melodic/female fronted)  Purest of Pain (Hilversum – Modern)  Player (Amsterdam – Slayer tribute)
 Ran thumb1  Chaotic silence thumb1  Hope Remains thumb2
 Rán (Noord Holland / Ijsland – Black/trash)  Chaotic Silence (Purmerend – melodic death)  Hope Remains (Haarlem – metalcore)
 Silent Commotion thumb 1  Schidzoid Lloyd  logo_2YTA_WhiteOnBlack
 Silent Commotion (Alkmaar – Heavy)  Schizoid Lloyd (Haarlem – prog rock/metal)  2 years to Apocalypse (Amsterdam – metalcore/post-hardcore)
 Memento Mori thumb  Akrasial thumb1  3rd Machine thumb
 Memento Mori (Amsterdam – Deathcore)  Akrasial (Amsterdam – Blackened Death)  3rd Machine (Haarlem/Alkmaar – Industrial)
 State of Negation thumb  Bloid thumb  onkt logo thumb 1
 State of Negation (Haarlem – trash/metalcore)  Bloid (Alkmaar – death/trash)  ONKT (Alkmaar – technical death/trash)
 Spartan  Ecocide thumb 1  Xanathos
Spartan (Haarlem – power death) Ecocide (Haarlem – trashing death) Xanathos (Zaandam – black death)
 Dystopia1  last fear  infantry
Dystopia (Den Helder – black)  Last Fear (Purmerend – death)  Infantry (Zaanstreek – trash death)
 Alantia  Hillsphere  Exile
 Alantia (Amsterdam – Melodic)  Hillsphere (Amsterdam – progressive psychedelic)  Exile (Amsterdam – groove)
 Hologram Earth  morvigorbanner  pulverised thumb
 Hologram Earth (Amsterdam – progressive djent)  Morvigor (Alkmaar – melodic death)  Pulverised (Den Helder – brutal death)


 grim ordeal thumb1  Pariahthumb
 Grim Ordeal (Deventer – thrash/metalcore)  Pariah (Enschede – melodic deathcore)
 scarlet_claw_logo_white  Distillator thumb1  Deadly Alliance thumb 1
 The Scarlet Claw (Hengelo – death)  Distillator (Enschede – Trash)  Deadly Alliance (Enschede – Thrash)
 Damage Remains thumb 1  Spyker thumb 1  Grown Cold thumb 1
 Damage Remains (Zwolle – hardcore)  Spyker (Zwolle – trashcore)  Grown Cold (Deventer – metalcore)
 bloodsinthumb  Abrupt Demise thumb 1  Cote d'aver thumb
Bloodsin (Almelo – death)  Abrupt Demise (Steenwijk – death)  Cote d’Aver (Eesveen – deathgrind)
 Burning Hatred thumb  Clinically Insane thumb1  Endymaeria thumb 2
 Burning Hatred (Overijssel – death)  Clinically Insane (Steenwijk – death/doom)  Endymaeria (Overijssel – Symphonic death/doom)


 Synergy Protocol thumb1  Hymir thumb1
 Synergy Protocol (Utrecht – progressive)  Hymir (black)
 cavitation thumb 1  projectpain thumb2  Bloodgod thumb1
 Cavitation (Amersfoort – death)  Project Pain (Amersfoort – Thrash)  BloodGod (Utrecht – death)
 Chainsaw Disaster thumb 1  Morghellon thumb 1  Soulecy thumb2
 Chainsaw Disaster (Utrecht/Brazilië – death/hardcore)  Morghellon (Amersfoort – trash)  Soulecy (Utrecht – experimental black/doom)
 Beyond Violet  Hanengeschrei  Nachtval
Beyond Violet (Utrecht – gothic)  Hanengeschrei (Utrecht – black)  Nachtval (De Bilt – folk black) 
 Shade of Hatred  from-the-ashes-thumb  alerion thumb 1
 Shade of Hatred (de Bilt – melodic death)  From the ashes (Amersfoort – Blackened Death)  Alerion (Utrecht – progressive)


 tellurion thumb 1  Ynfamia thu,b 1  Endless Cycle logo thumb1
Tellurion (Oostburg – Trash/Djent)  Ynfamia (Terneuzen – trash)  Endless Cycle (Terneuzen – Progressive death)

Zuid Holland

 x-tinxion thumb1
 X-Tinxion (Dordrecht – thrash)
 Bleeding Gods thumb 1  empireofthescourgedthumb1  Keflarthumb2
 Bleeding Gods (Zuid Holland – Death/Thrash)  Empire of the Scourged (Reeuwijk – Avantgarde Industrial Death)  Keflar (Zevenhuizen – Thrash)
 Ingratus thumb1  Strain thumb1  dynamic solution thumb1
 Ingratus (Rotterdam – thrash)  Strain (Gorinchem – Progresive/Alternative)  Dynamic Solution (Rotterdam – Thrash/Groove)
 FaceMeetsConcrete thumb 1  A new dawn thumb1  Bloodsphere thumb1
 Face Meets Concrete (Den Haag – trash covers  A new dawn (Rotterdam – Eclectic)  Bloodsphere (Rotterdam – Death/groove)
 Exploded thumb1  resolve thumb 1  Subrockers thumb 2
 Exploded (Rotterdam – Trash)  Resolve (Den Haag – Progressive)  Subrockers (Den Haag – punkrock/hardrock)
 Alice Day thumb 1  Get Some thumb1  Nox Aeterna thumb 1
 Alice Day (Leiden/Leeuwarden – atmospheric death/doom)  Get Some (Den Haag/Delft – hardcore punk)  Nox Aeterna (Spijkenisse – melodic death)
 Warmaster thumb1  drainlife thumb 1  Stone Burner thumb 1
 Warmaster (Gouda – oldschool death)  Drain Life (Rotterdam – metalcore)  Stone Burner (Zevenhuizen – stoner metal)
 Variscythe thumb  Dyopsis thumb1  Unseen Perception thumb 1
 Variscythe (Den Haag – Melodic Death)  Dyopsis (Schiedam – progressive death)  Unseen Perception (Den Haag – death)
 BMPS  Reign of War  Skeletons of Society
Black Mesa Preservation Society (Den Haag – death)  Reign of War (Rotterdam – grindcore trash)   Skeletons of Society (IJmond – trash hardcore)
 ConcedoNulliThumb  illucinomathumb  thumb
 Concedo Nulli (Rotterdam – Death)  Illucinoma (Den Haag – modern metal)  Ruined (Bodegraven – melodic hardcore)

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