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Black Metal

 carach angren logo thumb
Carach Angren

Death Metal

 Devious thumb 1  Dimaeon-Epica
 Devious  Dimaeon
 Seita thumb1  Coldblooded thumb 1  Sinister thumb 1
Seita   ColdBloodeD  Sinister 

Brutal death Metal

 Fumes of decay thumb 1
 Fumes of Decay 


Folk Metal

Gothic Metal



Dr Doom 

Groove Metal


 Manu Armata thumb 1  Lies! thumb 1  Despicable Heroes thumb1
Manu Armata   Lies!  Despicable Heroes (metalcore/hardcore)

Heavy Metal / Hard rock

 Vortex thumb1
martyr thumb  Red Eyes thumb  vanderbuyst thumb 2
 Martyr  Red Eyes  VanderBuyst

Melodic Metal

 Nyx Aether thumb1  La Ventura thumb2
Nyx Aether   La Ventura

Melodic Death Metal

 chiraw thumb  mortal form thumb  Sense vs Sanity thumb1
Chiraw   Mortal Form  Sense vs Sanity


 the charm the fury thumb  Despicable Heroes thumb1
The Charm, the Fury  Despicable Heroes (metalcore/hardcore)

Modern Metal


 nauseahtake thumb1

Power Metal

Progressive Metal

 TDW thumb 1  Dimaeon-Epica  Phlebotomized thumb1
 TDW  Dimaeon   Phlebotomized
 Adeia thumb1  mind soul thumb1  Sense vs Sanity thumb1
Adeia  Mind:Soul  Sense vs Sanity

Symphonic Metal

 epic thumb1  TDW thumb 1
Epica   TDW

Trash Metal

 wicked mystic thumb  mortal form thumb  Seita thumb1
 Wicked Mystic  Mortal Form  Seita

Technical Death Metal


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