Memento Mori – Deathcore uit Amsterdam

Memento Mori
Memento Mori is an Amsterdam based Deathcore band. It was founded by drummer Daniel Witjes and guitarist Ralph Nubrg who have known eachother their entire life. After playing together for a long time, things started to get serious. With the addition of Luiz Selendyow as vocalist and Koen Krol as guitarist in September 2011, the band started to form.The first shows were perfomed with Jelle Herderschree on bass, a long time friend of the whole band, but it wasn’t his calling, and after a failed attempt to record a demo, and Ralph en Koen transfered to 8 string guitars, he decided to leave the band as musician and become the roadie. The transition to 8 string guitars changed everything in the sound, what caused that all the songs had to be rewritten. After a break of eigth months filled with writing and rehearsing and adding Roger van der Graaf and his 6 string bass to the line-up, Memento Mori hit the stage again. The same venue as they once started back in 2011, Flinty’s in Haarlem. Since then the whole band grew enormous, playing gigs like Warzone Metalfest in Tivoli and in Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. Soon they decided to record and EP, wich is at being worked on as we speak, it is set to be released around April/May. And how would this music be described? Well, it’s not just one genre, every song is different, with influences from Djent, Melodic Death-, Progressive-, and even Thrash- and Black Metal a little. Though the backbone of each song is some form of Deathcore and has that unique Memento Mori sound. So basically what you’ve got is five best friends that are extremely driven to go the extra mile, doing everyting in the band themselves, from Art to Management, to pursue their dreams and give a show that you’ll remember.

Luiz Selendyow – Vocals
Koen Krol – Guitars
Ralph Nuberg – Guitars
Daniel Witjes – Drums / Vocals
Roger van der Graaf – Bass

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